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What is NatureSolv™?
NatureSolv™ is a carbonless capsule technology that was developed by the research scientists and engineers in Glatfelter's Chillicothe, Ohio facility. It is a technology that utilizes naturally-based, organic solvents to create a carbonless capsule that is more environmentally responsible and is available on every Glatfelter Carbonless brand. We guarantee it 100%.

Why is this unique?
Glatfelter moved all of our carbonless products to this environmentally responsible capsule system in 2001. This is unique because it means we can 100% guarantee that every sheet, every roll of carbonless paper you receive that has a capsule will be the NatureSolv capsule. This is unique in the carbonless forms industry. This capsule system not only enables us to be a steward of our resources, but it also provides excellent image development, retaining the deep, black image that customers expect in their carbonless forms. So you sacrifice nothing of your carbonless quality expectations but gain a positive impact on the environment.

Does Glatfelter have exclusivity on this technology?
No. We do not retain any exclusivity on this capsule technology or this manufacturing process because we encourage all of the suppliers in our industry to become environmentally responsible. This technology of utilizing natural resources in the carbonless manufacturing process is available to any company.

Is this going to cost me more money?
No. Many green technologies that have gained popularity in recent months actually cost the customer more money — sometimes a substantial sum. The great news about NatureSolv™ — IT'S ALREADY IN ALL OF YOUR GLATFELTER CARBONLESS PRODUCTS. At no additional cost to you, or your customers. Glatfelter provides a greener solution for you at our cost.

What else is Glatfelter doing for environmental stewardship?
Glatfelter has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship, and moving to the NatureSolv™ technology is just one of the many things we are doing to ensure we are being responsible environmentally. In January 2008, we announced our unique triple certification under three standards: FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil); SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative); and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification). We are a Chain-of-Custody certified for all three standards, which means we can successfully pass certified credits to customers based on their needs. Additionally, our research scientists and engineers are moving several of our other manufacturing processes to greener technologies — and we are committed to publicizing these changes as they happen. We want you to know all of the steps we are taking to be kind to our environment, not only in our manufacturing facilities but at your facilities and your customers' as well.

How do I find out more information?
A Glatfelter Territory Manager is always prepared to discuss the NatureSolv™ carbonless capsule. You could also ask questions about NatureSolv™ via e-mail to paperinfo@glatfelter.com, or logon to www.naturesolvcapsule.com for product information, recent news updates and NatureSolv™ promotions and giveaways. We are always happy to tell you our story.

Do all Distributors have to be FSC certified, even if they don’t take possession of the product?
Any company who takes legal possession of an FSC product and wants to pass on the FSC claim must be FSC certified. Although taking legal possession doesn’t always mean physical possession it is a link in the chain where there is possibility of items becoming switched or mistaken. Without accounting for every link, there is no accountability back to the beginning of the supply chain to ensure that a product identified as FSC is actually FSC certified.  There is a desk audit that we do for brokers who are not taking physical possession of the products they broker.  This is an audit conducted over the phone by an auditor who looks at a company’s internal procedures and mock-ups of invoices and shipping documents etc.  The audit is less than $2,000.

Do all Distributors have to be SFI certified, even if they don’t take possession of the product?
No they do not. If the product comes to your door pre-labeled, with the SFI logo plus COC certificate numbers, and you don’t alter the product or re-package. If you place an order and the order is just drop shipped, it never touches your warehouse, you DO NOT need to be certified.