Faith Based Programs (2023)

Faith-based Programs

There are many faith based recovery support and/or discipleship programs in and around the state of Alabama. The list below continues to grow as we discover other programs. Not One More Alabama does not recommend or endorse any individual program but provides this list as a source for information purposes only. It is important to research any program you are considering for a loved one to insure it includes all of the services your loved one may need to address their substance abuse disorder. Some Faith Based Programs are also State Certified and State Funded. Some Faith Based Programs receive all of their funding from donations and are part of a larger ministry. Information provided below comes directly from the website or facebook pages of these organizations. Programs with an asterik (*) and "SF" next to them are also state funded programs through the State of Alabama.

Alabama Association of Christian Recovery Ministries - Visit this website for a comprehensive list of Certified programs along with other member and non-member Christian Recovery Ministry organizations. AACRM partners with and serves as a resource for Christian recovery ministries through sharing best practices, standards and accountability. This represents a very comprehensive list of programs throughout the state of Alabama. Below are some programs in more detail.

​Downtown Rescue Mission Residential Rehabilitation- the 12 month long program is designed to help men and women achieve life-long change and freedom from problems, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as emotional, mental and physical abuse. The program seeks to restore individuals through teaching and modeling solid, Biblical principles and truths in which they can rebuild their lives.During the 12-month Residential Recovery Program, men and women are provided shelter, meals, and clothing at no charge, and are equipped with life skills, such as computer navigation, resume writing, and money management. We teach them how to apply God’s Word to their lives, accept responsibility, and live a life of independence. (Certified through AACRM)

Salvation Army Huntsville AL-The Salvation Army’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, known as the CSRC (Corps Salvage and Rehabilitation Center) provides spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for men who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. The program offers a clean and healthy living environment, good food, work therapy, leisure time activities, group and individual counseling, spiritual direction, and resources to assist each person to develop life skills and a personal relationship with God as provided by Jesus Christ. 6-12 months, beds for 23 men, ages 21-60.

Restoration Ranch- Tuscumbia, ALfrom the facebook page: Restoration Ranch is an eight to ten month Christian Discipleship Program for people with drug, alcohol, and emotional problems. We are a division of Mission Teens, Inc., which is based in Norma, New Jersey. We are a non-denominational Faith-run ministry. There is no charge for residents to be involved in our program. Restoration Ranch is located in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and it has been in existence since 1985. It is not a rehab, it is a discipleship program. We ask that people who are interested in the program be desperate for change and willing to seek a relationship with God as the answer to their problems.

His Way

is a residential recovery program and home for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Located in Huntsville, AL, His Way facility consists of three buildings sitting on almost 5 acres. The program is six months long (with an optional second 6 months), and includes proven recovery materials and classes, spiritual counseling, life skills coaching, and professional development and assistance. (Certified through AACRM)

New Life for Women- Gadsden, ALNewLife is a Long-term, Intensive, Faith-based, Experiential treatment program for women who need help in overcoming their addiction to drugs or alcohol.The NewLife program offers: individualized treatment planning, individual therapy, group counseling and family support services. Our rehabilitation program addresses: addiction, relapse prevention, family dynamics, parenting skills, stress and anger management, coping skills, domestic abuse, and basic living skills*SF

Restoring Women Outreach- Cullman, AL -Restoring Women Outreach is a 12-Step based yearlong (12-18 months) program created with the vision and purpose of helping ladies whose lives have been damaged by the disease of addiction. It is our mission to rehabilitate these lives through our program and provide these women with the resources and skills needed to move forward in their life and re-enter society as a positive confident woman. Classes teach women with addiction how to take responsibility for themselves and others, while allowing God to restore their lives.

Steps of Faithat Limestone Ridge

- Warrior, AL - A Christ-centered addiction treatment program built on three pillars of recovery: Clinical integrity through licensed Christian counselors • 12 Step Model • Biblical, Christ-centered application. Steps of Faith is non-denominational and is designed for individuals19 years of age or older.

The Foundry Ministries– 12-month Recovery Program is built on the foundation of a Christ-centered curriculum focused on life-long thought, habit and behavior change. Two campuses: Foundry Farm for men who find a rural environment more conducive to their recovery is located just east of Cullman, AL. The Foundry Farm offers 80 beds for men seeking recovery. The Bessemer campus is located in the heart of Bessemer, AL and provides shelter for 55 women and 132 men. (Certified through AACRM)

Outreach Ministries of Alabama- aChristian Discipleship Program for men with life controlling addictions. The program is a year long and focuses on isolating men from their addictions and environments that created them. "We prepare them to live a Christian life free of addiction & to rejoin society as a contributing citizen when they finish the program." Located in Valhermoso Springs, AL 35775. 256-778-8096

Central Alabama

The Lovelady Center- Birmingham, ALWomen who are released from prison face the challenges of finding long-term employment, housing, transportation, basic utility payments, adequate childcare, and more. The Lovelady Center provides tools for women to enter society as productive and esteemed individuals, and provides access to continue education.​(Certified through AACRM)

Turning Point Foundation- Thorsby, AL -205-646-3650Turning Point is a non-profit, in-house recovery center located 45 miles south of Birmingham on a peaceful 10-acre property. The Program operates as a faith-based, Christ-centered, 90-day program for men (18 years of age and older, of any race, creed or religious affiliation) struggling with addiction.

Harvest Evangelismministries in Opelika, AL include His Place, founded in 1986, as a place of restoration for men 18 years and older who have a life-controlling problem such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.; and Hosanna Home for women with life controlling issues.

The Foundry Ministries– 12-month Recovery Program is built on the foundation of a Christ-centered curriculum focused on life-long thought, habit and behavior change. Two campuses: Foundry Farm for men who find a rural environment more conducive to their recovery is located just east ofCullman, AL.The Foundry Farm offers 80 beds for men seeking recovery. The Bessemer campus is located in the heart of Bessemer, AL and provides shelter for 55 women and 132 men. (Certified through AACRM)

Rapha Ministries -Attalla, ALRapha Treatment Center is a private, non-profit,State Certified,

faith based drug and alcohol treatmentprogram.RaphaTreatment Center is the largest (54 beds) faith based residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in the state with low and high intensity residential services offered on the same campus. A phased program approach allows continuity of care for up to one year of continuous residential recovery and facilitates a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) *SF

Royal Pines (a division of the Jimmy Hale Mission) - Hayden, AL -Royal Pines is a 16-week, in-resident recovery center for men that uses a Biblical approach to overcoming life’s struggles. At this, our rural facility, we offer men the chance to rise above imprisonment by drugs and alcohol and the opportunity to rise and live again in Christ.

Caanan Land Ministries - Autaugaville, ALCanaan Land is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian home. Men 18 years and older can apply to become students in the one year program. Some men come to Canaan Land as an alternative to prison.Some men come to Canaan Land as drifters or from broken homes, and others are recommended by pastors or friends.Most of themare battling substance abuse, alcohol or some other form of harmful addiction.

Center of Hope- Anniston, ALa 12 month, Christ centered, residential addiction recovery for both men and women at no cost, only a small entrance fee. Nondenominational, 501c3, non-profit ministry.Through essential programs like Christian Counseling, Church Services, Biblical Classes, C.A.R.D (commitment, accountability, responsibility, and discipline), work therapy, literacy classes, and GED preparation, the Center of Hope provides hurting people with real solutions.

South Alabama

Wings of Life- Mobile, ALA non-profit, faith based, life recovery center empowering individuals and families through spiritual enrichment, education and personal responsibility. We offer a 90-day residential alcohol and drug recovery program for men and women. Our program includes intense, Bible based teaching and life skills training in an atmosphere of excellence and honor. Graduates may also be eligible for transition, extended-term and ministry training programs.

Waterfront Mission, Mobile, AL -Waterfront Rescue Mission offers a nationally renowned Addiction Recovery Program for men s. Our highly structured program curriculum, teaching, individual, group counseling and vocational transitionopportunitiesare firmly rooted in the Gospel. These programs offer opportunities for personal and spiritual enrichment and designed to help men to deal with the life-dominating issues that have led them into their current situation.

Home of Grace- Eight Mile, AL (near Mobile) -Home of Grace for Women, Inc. offers an inter-denominational Christian program to the addicted female with strong emphasis on the advantages of a Christian atmosphere.While strong emphasis is placed on the Christian program, we offer a 12-week recovery program consisting of group counseling, one-on-one counseling, devotionals, Bible studies, arts and crafts, recreation, assistance in preparing for G.E.D., Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. The participants of our program are exposed to counseling, Assertiveness Training, Values Clarification and Feelings Groups. These services are provided by staff members who are experienced addiction counselors. We also have volunteer counselors who provide counseling for the ladies. Family therapy is also provided to facilitate the integration of client to home

Hannah House(A Part of Home of Grace) - Eight Mile, AL (near Mobile) -Hannah House is a drug/alcohol recovery program for addicted

expectant females

to become drug free before their baby is born. This center will provide a Christian recovery program dedicated to helping expectant women suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and to educate these expectant women about alcoholism/drug addiction, and the causes and effects of their chemical dependencies on their unborn babies.

The Shoulder- Spanish Fort, AL

A Christian, non-profit treatment center offering support, education and treatment programs to those struggling with addiction. Services arecertified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. They offer a unique approach of quality, evidence-based therapy by Masters level counselors and encourage spiritual awakening alongside our treatment plans. We have residential services for adult men. Any IV drug useror individuals who are HIV positive are given first availability on the waiting list.*SF

Mission of Hope (Men) & Haven of Hope (Women)

- Mobile, AL -The program is a three month, in care, Christian program designed to minister to the men and women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Penfield Addiction Ministries

- Three locations in Georgia - Established in 1979, Penfield is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 with a ministry rooted in the belief that recovery from the addictive use of alcohol and drugs can be achieved through science-based recovery and spiritual renewal.

Big Fish Ministries

- South Baldwin County -Big Fish Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to meet the needs of the homeless and addicted in south Baldwin County. We do this by providing long-term residential, Christ-centered recovery and outpatient recovery services. Funding for our programs is provided through the generous support of individuals, churches, businesses and our two Foley thrift store locations. Offering both men’s and women’s long-term recovery programs.

Multiple Locations in the state

Teen Challenge Alabama- various locationsAddiction recovery and Christian discipleship program for men and women struggling with life-controlling problems. We take a faith-based approach to addiction recovery. ATC participants are invited into a life-affirming discipleship process to transform their habits, community involvement, relationships, and vocation.

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