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America’s team. America’s pastime. American-made automobiles. Arlington is the American Dream City. Named by Money magazine as the “Best Big City” in the South. Named by Dallas Business Journal as the No. 1 City for Economic Development in North Texas. Arlington is home to the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, General Motors, D.R. Horton, Six Flags Over Texas and a host of global, domestic, and family-owned businesses. And the American pride in our culturally-diverse citizens is undeniable. Our Competitive can-do spirit makes dreams a reality.

When tasked with making Arlington home of General Motors' Assembly, the city built a lake to properly expand its water source. In the ‘70s, the city fought hard to make Arlington home of the Texas Rangers. Voters stepped up three times when asked for major bond packages to keep and lure its sports franchises in and to Arlington and in the process built world-class, iconic venues. Beyond what is highly visible in Arlington, is the backbone of the city, which is education. Here, students can go from pre-K to Ph.D. With the help of an excellent school system, Tarrant County College, and the University of Texas at Arlington. Arlington’s educational institutions possess valued work opportunities and economic vitality. It maintains diverse neighborhoods where the housing dollar stretches further than most cities.

Defining Greater Arlington

Arlington is one of the 50 largest cities in the United States and the third largest city in North Texas. Within the city limits of Arlington, there are two small cities, Dalworthington Gardens and Pantego.

City of Arlington

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  • Arlington, Texas, the “American Dream City,” is the perfect place to live, work, play and do business. With a thriving and growing community of more than 375,000, it is the third-largest city in North Texas and one of the 50 largest cities in the United States.
    The Chamber works hand-in-hand with area businesses and economic leaders to provide a strong resource base for industry growth. This resource base includes a well-trained workforce, access to capital, a solid infrastructure, favorable public policy and support for the development of technology. In addition, the Chamber works closely with the University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant County College, the Arlington Independent School District, Workforce Solutions and other education partners on initiatives to build a workforce that supports local businesses. The City of Arlington’s Office of Economic Development (OED) provides directed assistance, guidance and critical information to current and prospective business partners. A cohesive economic development strategy for Arlington includes the existing industry base; regional resources and assets; economic trends; and the City of Arlington’s priorities, values and visions. These pieces combine to build a clear roadmap to specific opportunities that hold the greatest potential for success.

City of Dalworthington Gardens

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  • The City of Dalworthington Gardens is proud of being the only homestead location still in existence in Texas established under President Roosevelt’s administration. The City of Dalworthington Gardens (DWG) is dedicated to economic and community prosperity. The City Council continuously works hard to create a prosperous and sustainable future while fostering an economic environment that celebrates the City’s history. While focusing on the outlying areas of the City for commercial development, the interior of the City retains its unique identity as an oasis in the heart of the Metroplex. The City’s Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated, as well as the zoning ordinance to help attract new businesses.
  • Citizens and business owners of Dalworthington Gardens can take advantage of the resources in the Metroplex while benefiting from Dalworthington Garden’s exceptional public services. The comprehensive Public Safety Organization (Police, Fire, EMS) offers citizens and business owners a safe city to live, work, and do business.
  • A popular site for team building activities, the City, has a 28-acre park that includes a pavilion, trails, a baseball field, and scenic views centered around historic A.H. “Pappy” Elkins Lake
  • By promoting its unique identity and abundance of recreational opportunities, the City of Dalworthington Gardens hopes to attract families and businesses to the City that is unlike any other in the area.

Town of Pantego

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  • The Town of Pantego is committed to being a business-friendly community, which leverages the location within the greater Arlington area to the benefit of the roughly 400 brick-and-mortar businesses located there. The Town, through its Pantego Economic Development Corporation, joined the Arlington Chamber in 2014 by becoming a member of the President’s Leadership Council. By partnering with the Chamber, Pantego seeks to play an active role in supporting the business community. A pro-business attitude starts at the top, and the Pantego Town Council is committed to welcoming and helping businesses that complement the community and add to the overall quality of life.
  • There are various reasons residents and businesses decide to permanently reside in Pantego. Businesses benefit from Pantego’s significantly higher rates of household income, homeownership, and education compared to the Tarrant County average. The high rates of income support the town’s retail and the service-based business community.
  • Pantego maintains its small-town charm while offering unique business opportunities. Although it is known as a small town, Pantego serves over 100,000 people per day who pass through on their major roads. In addition, it has a 5-mile market area of over 300,000 people. Pantego’s business climate allows small businesses to thrive; 70% of businesses in Pantego have fewer than four employees. However, businesses of all sizes benefit from having one of the lowest property tax rates ($.042 per $100 valuation) in the area.

Quality of Life

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Population Growth

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Arlington’s population has grown exponentially since its early days. In 1910, the population of Arlington was 1,794. Compare that to Arlington’s population 100 years later, and the population grew by %. Arlington saw a spike in population in the late 70s and 80s. The population continues to grow with new business and entertainment flocking to the greater Arlington area.

Land Use

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  • Amusement, fixed – 6.4 acres
  • Business/Commercial – 0.4
  • Commercial/Retail – 3,243.6
  • Entertainment/Recreational – 1,429.7
  • Institutional – 4,160.2
  • Manufacturing/Warehouse/Industrial – 2,767.1
  • Mixed-Use – 3.2
  • Multi-Family – 2,278.8
  • Office – 1,045.3
  • Park/Open – 3,921.3
  • Single Family – 22,048.4
  • Transportation/Utility/Communications – 2,496.7
  • Vacant-Developable – 5,946.3
  • Vacant-Undevelopable – 1,340.1

Housing and Development

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  • Single Family total housing units as of 2017 was, 102,095. Units completed citywide in 2017 was, 212.
  • Multi-Family total housing units as of 2017 was, 44,840. Units completed citywide in 2017 was, 188.

Major Employers

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  • AISD
  • UTA
  • General Motors Co.
  • Texas Health Resources
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • The Parks Mall
  • GM Financial
  • City of Arlington
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • Texas Rangers

History of Arlington

The City of Arlington's history dates back to when the Caddo people occupied the land. Colonel Tate Johnson established a trading post that became a regular stopping point for stagecoaches, the mail and travelers including national politicians, and ultimately came to be known as Johnson Station.

Texas and Pacific Railway soon built a rail through this region, with Johnson Station becoming the ideal location as a stop to serve all the smaller settlements growing around the area now known as Tarrant County named after General E.H. Tarrant who had opened up the territory for settlers.

Incorporated in 1884, one year after its first newspaper was established, Arlington began to experience dramatic growth in the 1950s, when the population rose from 8,000 to 45,000 under the leadership of Judge Tom Vandergriff, a man who would serve a Mayor for twenty-five years. While attending the University of Southern California, Mr. Vandergriff watched Walt Disney build the dream of Disneyland. He was fascinated with the opportunities for Arlington and saw the city’s geographic location in north-central Texas as the ideal location for a similar family theme park venture.

In 1961, the original Six Flags Over Texas was opened to the public and now draws over 3 million visitors a year while remaining the biggest family theme park in the central states and the southwest. Wet ‘n Wild Park followed Six Flags Over Texas, ultimately purchased by Six Flags and today operates as Hurricane Harbor, the largest water park in the southwest.

The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was established as a stunning tribute to the great ballparks of the past and housed the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball Club until giving way to The Rangers current home, Globe Life Field. Arlington’s Entertainment District has grown over the last forty years specializing in good quality, affordable & safe family fun, excellent food and great memories for over 6.5 million visitors a year.

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